• Alifya Valiji

Due Diligence Questions from a Sequoia Scout

  • What is your official company name?

  • Is your company free from contractual employment obligations (e.g. has formally resigned from employment, does not have any outstanding obligations to a former employer, IP not worked on during employment etc.)?

  • Is your company unrestricted in the use of the intellectual property (e.g. does not rely on another person or entity's IP in its core business and ownership of IP is not in dispute)?

  • Is your company not obligated to a third party (e.g. a former employer, other investors, current or former employees or former business partners)? NOTE: "Yes" here means you are not obligated to a third party

  • Is your company clear of past or present litigation issues?

  • Is your company a U.S. based C-corp?

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